Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Best Acoustic Guitar is my Zager, Review by Sonny & Sue

I had a friend come over last night & we had a picking session. He played my Zager & was really impressed with it. I don't mind letting good friends that play that I trust play my guitar & get their opinions. I love this guitar because it is very easy to play and awesome sound quality. 

Before to buy this guitar I was in dilemma. I read many reviews before to buy and ordered this guitar after when denny gave me surety for 100% money back grantees. When my zager reached my home I was very excited and open immediately when I saw this. Denny give me beautiful case with this guitar. When I opened case the beautiful zager guitar in this.I played this guitar half an hour I surprised with its sound and fit and finish on it. Great craftsmanship by denny.

Thanks for this amazing instrument. So far you are batting 100%. Keep up the good work & I will keep advertising on this end for your company.

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