Thursday, November 29, 2012

Acoustic Electric Zager ZAD80CE Guitar Review

The guitar of the century, ZAD80CE Acoustic Electric Guitar turned all my other guitars into nothing compared to it. 

Submitted By: Tristan Kramer

Purchased From: Zager Guitar

The ZAD-80CE is a full size dreadnought electric acoustic with Fishman electronics. It has an excellent gloss finish, Grover tuners, flat neck, rosewood sides and back with solid cedar top and Abalone inlay on binding and rosette.
It’s simply an eye-catching acoustic guitar you’ll ever see. It was worth the purchase.

Action, Fit and Finish:
The action defines the Zager - it is setup perfectly! No flaws anywhere on the guitar and the overall fit and finish of the wood is outstanding. Everything was more than I expected. I can play it easily and it stays in tune no matter how long I play it

Sound quality:
Great sound. Good harmonics and balance across the whole range. ZAD80CE is even better than other guitars I had before that costs more than $3000. Can you believe that, it’s not even half the price but its better overall in sound quality.

It’s the upstage guitar you’re going to need. It is a quality instrument, well made and deserving of its fine reputation. All parts are solid and show top craftsmanship overall. I can even travel it anywhere. It’s really sturdy and strong.

Customer Support:
Zager has the best service of any company.  100% money back guarantee and a Lifetime Warranty.  The Zager staff is knowledgeable, friendly and courteous.  They talked to me and answered all my questions.  I felt like I was a family friend!
This is on guitar I will not give or sell away. It will always work for me and play all the sings I want. Zager just outdid themselves.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Don Baker Zager Guitars Review

Email <>

Got the guitar. Best guitar I have ever played. I have two Martins
that won’t see much use any more.

I will be buying the Zager 50 series as soon as I decide if I want the
electronics package. I  was going to order a “50” ASAP but saw you
demo the 50 with the electronics on your web site and it made me think
that maybe I should get it.

All of the extras, the shirt and photos and the certificates and picks
and strings. Cool little bag for picks and extra strings. What a great
organization. I just didn’t even expect such quality, and
craftsmanship now days. I’ll get back to you in a week or so and buy a
50 series.

UPS gave me some trouble, as usual. They lied about calling me and of
course Google maps is wrong about my address but that been a problem
for UPS for every new driver they get.

I can’t really blame the delivery guys. Bisbee, where I live is a
canyon that has one narrow street going down the middle. The house are
all up the side if the canyon. I have 50 stairs and some people have
150 stairs up to their houses.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Zager Modified Martin DM1 Review

 Martin DM1
I bought it off the Zager website after reviewing this guitar for awhile. I wanted another Sigma, but a black one. This was the guitar I was looking for. I paid $545.00 plus $45 for shipping.

I own several other Sigmas and I like the design and the black finish of this Sigma. The string height/alignment, the playability of the fretboard is wonderful making the guitar easy to play, not working your hands/fingers into fatigue. The tone/sound is great and I will probably use this guitar alot in recording.

I do not have any complaints.

The guitar is first inspected by Zager to make sure no defects are present and I do not see any in mine. This is a quality guitar at an affordable price.
Everyone who sees and plays this Sigma DM-1B likes it. My guitarist son is really taken by the way it plays and feels, and he owns a major brand box guitar that cost him nearly $800---but he likes this Sigma better than his box. Zager provided a quality instrument and service and are quick to answer any email concerning their products/service. I am well pleased!