Monday, November 19, 2012

Don Baker Zager Guitars Review

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Got the guitar. Best guitar I have ever played. I have two Martins
that won’t see much use any more.

I will be buying the Zager 50 series as soon as I decide if I want the
electronics package. I  was going to order a “50” ASAP but saw you
demo the 50 with the electronics on your web site and it made me think
that maybe I should get it.

All of the extras, the shirt and photos and the certificates and picks
and strings. Cool little bag for picks and extra strings. What a great
organization. I just didn’t even expect such quality, and
craftsmanship now days. I’ll get back to you in a week or so and buy a
50 series.

UPS gave me some trouble, as usual. They lied about calling me and of
course Google maps is wrong about my address but that been a problem
for UPS for every new driver they get.

I can’t really blame the delivery guys. Bisbee, where I live is a
canyon that has one narrow street going down the middle. The house are
all up the side if the canyon. I have 50 stairs and some people have
150 stairs up to their houses.

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