Thursday, November 29, 2012

Acoustic Electric Zager ZAD80CE Guitar Review

The guitar of the century, ZAD80CE Acoustic Electric Guitar turned all my other guitars into nothing compared to it. 

Submitted By: Tristan Kramer

Purchased From: Zager Guitar

The ZAD-80CE is a full size dreadnought electric acoustic with Fishman electronics. It has an excellent gloss finish, Grover tuners, flat neck, rosewood sides and back with solid cedar top and Abalone inlay on binding and rosette.
It’s simply an eye-catching acoustic guitar you’ll ever see. It was worth the purchase.

Action, Fit and Finish:
The action defines the Zager - it is setup perfectly! No flaws anywhere on the guitar and the overall fit and finish of the wood is outstanding. Everything was more than I expected. I can play it easily and it stays in tune no matter how long I play it

Sound quality:
Great sound. Good harmonics and balance across the whole range. ZAD80CE is even better than other guitars I had before that costs more than $3000. Can you believe that, it’s not even half the price but its better overall in sound quality.

It’s the upstage guitar you’re going to need. It is a quality instrument, well made and deserving of its fine reputation. All parts are solid and show top craftsmanship overall. I can even travel it anywhere. It’s really sturdy and strong.

Customer Support:
Zager has the best service of any company.  100% money back guarantee and a Lifetime Warranty.  The Zager staff is knowledgeable, friendly and courteous.  They talked to me and answered all my questions.  I felt like I was a family friend!
This is on guitar I will not give or sell away. It will always work for me and play all the sings I want. Zager just outdid themselves.

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  1. can anyone tell me , is this really good guitar and easy to play?? i have researched all on internet and found 80% good and 20% bad zager guitars reviews. anyone has experience with this guitar, please share...