Friday, June 17, 2011

Zager zad80 Review

Model: zad80

How did you hear about this brand?

I discovered it while browsing guitars on eBay. I had never heard of the brand and went to your site to check it out.

How does this guitar compare with your old guitar, other guitars, or guitars you've tried in stores?

My Zager is simply a pleasure to play compared to my other two acoustic guitars (a steel-string and a classical - both in the $750-1,000 price range). I am a hobbyist guitarist and my Zager has gotten me back to playing more regularly. The action on my other steel-string is so high in comparison to the Zager guitar. I can see why I was getting so frustrated with learning new chords on that one.

What's your favorite part about this guitar?

The low action and easy playability. My fingers aren't as sore as they used to get on my other guitars. And the tone is just sublime. In fact, the more gently you strum with the pick, the sweeter the sound.

If you didn't know the price of this guitar what would you estimate the price to be?


How would you rate customer support?

Excellent! You are very responsive to emails and your how-to videos are very helpful.

Would you recommend this guitar to others…if so why?

Absolutely! Particularly to a beginner so they have a positive first experience with guitar. It may cost more than those mass-produced starter guitar packs that fly off the shelves, but it is so worth the investment. Zagers are beautiful instruments and obviously made with care and great attention to detail. Great bang for the buck is an understatement!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Zager ZAD-80CE OM Guitar Reviews


The features of this guitar are top quality. It has enclosed gold-plated grover tuners, Fishman amp, abalone around the sound hole and the outer edge as well as a cedar solid top, with laminated rosewood back and sides. The amp also has a built in tuner that you can even use unplugged.

Action, Fit, & Finish:

This is one beautiful guitar. I have a neighbor across the street that has a Martin that he has had for quite a few years and has a $2000 Takamine that he has purchased most recently that said his takamine doesn't look as good as this Zager Guitar.

Sound Quality:

The sound is very warm and articulate on each string. In other words, the sound is not muddy or unclear. The way the guitar has been modified through the shaving of the braces under the top, allows the guitar to be much more resonant than it could otherwise. The sound just has an unbelievable sustain.


Because everything on this guitar is top quality and it has a lifetime guarantee, I don't foresee any problems.

Customer Support:

Most correspondence with this company has resulted in contact with the owner of this company, or his son. Most replies have been within the hour. I have never had to wait more than one day to hear back on an issue. This company is more than fair and will go above and beyond what they have to in order to satisfy a customer.

Overall Rating:

I have been a singer and musician on keyboard, saxaphone etc. for many years although not professionally. I use my talents for the Lord in the ministry. I have been working on becoming accomplished in fingerstyle guitar for several years so I know what sounds good. My neighbor across the street with the $2000 Takamine thinks this guitar in a store would easily cost me at least $2000 dollars. I know I was in a guitar center just last week in Tallahassee, Fl, and I didn't see any guitar in their showcase room that I thought was any prettier.