Friday, May 24, 2013

Win a free Zager Guitar!

For memorial day, Zager Easy Play Custom Guitars posted a contest on their official Facebook. All you have to do is share and like this post and you will be entered to win a Zager ZAD-20! It's a beauty too.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Allan Hanscom Zager Zad20 Guitar Review


I just received my Zager ZAD20 and I must say this is the best I’ve ever had!
When the packaged arrived it was completely sealed to ensure safe delivery.  My ZAD20 came with a guitar case, so I was really happy. 
The whole guitar is perfect. It’s laminated and polished so well. The whole guitar was made of wood. Mahogany for the back and sides and Sitka spruce for the top. It has 20 standard fret neck and with not locking tuners.

To my surprise it has low action but I can still play it well, actually better. Maybe this was what Zager advertises as their String Science.  No fret buzzes even on the neck. You can still strum it fast and hard. NO FLAWs.

The quality of sound is better than other guitars that I’ve owned before. Full rich sound with no buzzing or ringing. For its price, its way better than others!
ZAD20 was ready to play the moment you receive it.

Monday, January 7, 2013

John Clark Review his Zager Zad50 Guitar

A very beautiful & guitar for performance, Zager ZAD50 OM is an orchestra model acoustic guitar. Let’s review this guitar by its appearance first.

ZAD50 OM is made out of wood; primarily the back and sides, neck and headstock are completely made out for pure mahogany to deliver great sound quality.  Sitka spruce top and laminated for a high glossy finish. Its 15% smaller than other OM model which is perfect for guitarists who have trouble holding down on full size guitars. Great professional set-up.

It’s a really beautiful guitar with top wood grains which is perfectly made. You will enjoy playing this guitar anytime of the day, a real eye catcher, and perfect for performances at stage. With its customized body made smaller than other OM models, makes everything easier and comfortable playing.

Surprisingly even though it’s smaller than the average size (15% smaller), the sounds quality is actually better than expected. It has this rich full tome with great bass. Every tome and chord is just right and perfect. You can easily remember the tome because it’s standard making guitar playing by ear easier. It even sounds great for finger-picking style.  Perfect frets, no buzzing or ringing sounds despite its low setting.

Zager even offer a lifetime warranty, so you can bet sure that you’re ZAD50 OM will last forever. It’s build to last. You can even match ZAD50 OM to other expensive guitars, moreover, better than them.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Zager ZAD15 Guitar Review by David Harvey

I recently purchased a guitar suggested by an old friend who cruises around the world. He plays the guitar and told me to purchase a Zager guitar if I have trouble playing. I’ve read some reviews and articles regarding Zager, and it seems that it’s a great guitar while other says it’s an over-rated guitar. I bought a Zager ZAD15.

My first impression, it’s a rather cheap guitar for what it offers. Customer support was great. They entertained my question quite professionally and are quick to answer when they’re online. They asked me certain specifics of what I might want for a guitar. They suggested the Zager ZAD15. 

It was delivered in just 2-3 weeks, and arrived safely in my doorstep. I opened and see that it’s well packaged to avoid any damages when being delivered. It came with a case so I’m very happy with it. 

I opened it and saw one a great guitar. Beautifully crafted and looks far expensive than the real price. A ¾ guitar with solid Sitka spruce for the top. Back and sides are made from mahogany. With beautiful inlay around the sound hole, this guitar just beat everything that is beautiful compare with its price. Great deep full rich sound. Clean and crisp. 

NO buzzing or ringing. Great guitar sound quality for its size. I can play acoustic songs and other genre just as good.

I love this guitar the sound is just the best and it looks amazing. The perfect guitar for travelling.