Monday, July 5, 2010

Zager ZAD 50 Review By Keith Pfaff

Features : 10
6-string dreadnought acoustic, mahogany back and solid top, sunburst finish, included a set of strings, picks, autographed picture, certificate of authenticity, and a t-shirt
Sound : 10
Cross Canadian Ragweed and country is what I play - perfect for that style. Has a bright, clear sound.
Action, Fit, & Finish : 10
Low action with no buzz - easy to play. Professionally set up. No flaws at all - ready to play when I received it with no alterations.
Reliability/Durability : 10
I can definitely play it lived. Seems durable - all hardware looks nice - has Grover tuning keys. Could use it playing live without worrying about having a backup. Stays in tune excellent. This is the 2nd one of these guitars I have purchased because I liked the first one so well. The first guitar was a black lacquer finish and I wanted a sunburst as well. They are both excellent.
Customer Support : 10
Always extremely friendly and helpful. Couldn't ask for better customer service, whether over the phone, internet, etc.
Overall Rating : 10
Have 2 Zager guitars and haven't been playing for long. Would definitely buy another one if something happened to the ones I have. I did compare it to other guitars and found the Zager had a much clearer, more resonating sound and very low action for ease of playing.
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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Zager ZAD 50CE Review By Gene Dowell

Features : 9
9.5 actually - I just watched the Olympics. No perfect scores allowed. Really, this is a very well appointed instrument with Grover tuners, the electronics work great and everything needed is right where it needs to be. So many other manufacturers place the electronics towards the neck where they can't accessed when playing. The Zager guitar is well thought out and expertly installed
Sound : 10
Before selecting this guitar I tried every major brand including Martin, Taklamakan, Taylor, Alvaraz and Larivee. This guitar sounds every bit as good as the Taylor 414 for less than a third of the price. Playing straight in the board it sounds beautiful. Alot of control with the EQ. I have a Genz Benz El Diablo that is set for my Anderson Cobra. The Zager Guitars is absolutely stunning through this amp, even though I have the clean channel set slightly dirty. The EQ and presence controls allow me to move from a browner blues tone to a bright big country jumbo and to the sweet little dreadnought it is.
Action, Fit, & Finish : 10
To heck with the Olympics! This is like an old Marshall amp, turn it up to an 11! I have owned and played 100's of guitars over the last 30 years and this one plays like a dream! It is fast and true accross the entire neck. Intonation is perfect. Really. I am not kidding. Perfect. Not a sour note anywhere. Really. I am not exaggerating. Perfect!
Reliability/Durability : No Opinion
Ask me in 20 years because I am sure I will still be playing this guitar
Customer Support : 10
This really again should be an 11. Tell me any other company where you can communicate directly with the man who does the work. Responses within minutes, not hours, not days. Lifetime Warranty. What more can I say?
Overall Rating : 10
I think I've said it all above. What equipment have I owned? Just out of the list a 1953 Tele, 67 Start, Les Pauls including a Black Beauty, 3 Ovations including the USA Custom Elite that the Zager replaced, Martins, Alvarez, just to name a few. This is really a sweet guitar. In my opinion if you want value for your money (and as a professional musician on a limited budget that is really, really important) this is THE acoustic electric dreadnought to own. The word is going get out on these at some point and when it does their value is going to increase. I'm not selling mine though. You will have to find a way to get your own.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Zager ZAD 50CE OM Review By Unclecurt

Features : 9
Concert cutaway model; sealed Grover tuners, spruce top with mahogany sides and back. Onboard Fishman electronics and electronic LED tuner. Rosewood fretboard and bridge. Abalone inlay rosette. Overall, a beautiful guitar and finish.
Sound : No Opinion
Full sound with bright highs. Excellent sustain and tone. The sounds EXCELLENT, EXCELLENT when used with an amp. Volume is a little bit lower than a full size dreadnought, but more than adequate. Came delivered, in tune, with Martin extra light strings. I prefer Elixir strings so changed them out a set of Extra Lights. Also tried a set of Custom Lights to see how the tone sounded. Sounds great either way, depending on preference.
Action, Fit, & Finish : 9
The action is very low and responsive. No buzzing. No issues at all with the frets. The set up on this guitar, as delivered, is great. I purchased this guitar as a "blem", but so far can not find any issues. If there is something wrong in the finish, it's pretty hard to find. The eletronics perform flawlessly.... a nicely set up guitar with no issues.
Reliability/Durability : 9
Everything on the guitar is solid. Time will tell, but I see no reason this guitar should not last a very long time. I would depend on it.
Customer Support : 10
No repairs needed. The money back guarantee, including shipping, is hard to beat..... but I'm not sending it back. No. I did called Zager a couple of time with questions : they answer the phone and answer any questions either by phone or email. Very helpful. Anything you want to know about Zager guitars is promptly supported by their customer service.
Overall Rating : No Opinion
No reservations on this guitar whatsoever. If it were lost or stolen, I would get another one because I consider it to be the best new guitar value out there for the money. I compared to several other manufacturers and models(Martin, Taylor, Breedlove), particularly comparing to the higher end models.
Sound quaility is a personal preference which can only be decided by playing. This guitar has a personality like any other - it depends on what you, personally, are looking for. I also play an Alvarez MD80 which has a completely different character, but I also enjoy it very much.
The only other thing I'd like to share is that the Internet is a wonderful thing. Prior to ordering I found comments on Zager guitars which are quite different from my own experience. Vitually all of them, however, were from individuals who do not own one nor have played one. The approach Zager uses on their web site doesn't appeal to everyone, but you get to be the judge on their guitars. If you order one and don't like it, they will pay the shipping on the return. The great thing about Harmony Central is that actual owners of instruments can share their experiences on all types of instruments.