Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Zager Bigbabymahogany Guitar Review by Grage Peter

How did you hear about this brand?
Through Boyd Moon a local Luthier.

How does this guitar compare with your old guitar, other guitars, or guitars you've tried in stores?
It is my first guitar. It is much easier for me to play than my husbands Guitars. He has a 1968 Martin D28, a new dreadnaught Epiphone, an Alvarez classical guitar,(my next favorite after the Zager) and a $20 Ensenada.I tried a friends new small size Loar last week and I like my Zager much better.

What's your favorite part about this guitar?
How easy it is to play without loss in sound quality.

If you didn't know the price of this guitar what would you estimate the price to be?
$700 or $800.

How would you rate customer support?

Would you recommend this guitar to others…if so why?
Oh yes!Because it is so easy to play and sounds great and is very competitively priced.

Additional comments:
It is also a very beautiful looking guitar and the case is real high quality too.I loved the little extra things that came with it-picks, tee shirt, strings guitar lesson, etc.

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